Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School..

We had a Great Summer but now it is back to school for the two youngest! We all really enjoyed friends and family who were able to come see us at our new home in Austin. No regrets! It is quiet in our home right now. I am working in my office but I find myself a little distracted by the lack of life happening in the home. I am going to go to lunch with a friend out where people make noise. Here is a re-cap of a summer highlight for us.

Recently I took my family and some of our friends from out of state to downtown Austin along the famed 6th street. We took the Duck Boat tour it was a blast. You will learn all about the history of Austin and how it became the capitol of Texas. We finished the evening off at Bess Bistro (my oldest daughter is a pastry chef there) Bess is owned by Sandra Bullock and is a great way to get the Austin Flavor. A stroll down 6th street will put you in ears shot of some of the best music in the country. Each cafe, bar and restaurant have live music as Austin loves to proclaim itself as The Nations Capitol for Live Music.
The Real Estate Market in Austin remains strong despite what has happened in other parts of the country. This can be attributed to a strong economy in Texas especially in central Texas. Where people work they also must have homes to buy or lease. The strong economy has attracted both investors and new residents from LasVegas, California and Arizona where the real estate market booms have created wealth for home owners in a short period of time. To protect their gains they have migrated to a more solid market where their money has incredible purchase power

If you want to find out more about owning a piece of Austin feel free to contact me: 512-709-3336 or just email me your questions at

Have a noisy day!!


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