Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Winds of Change

As the fall approaches we are reminded by nature that change is inevitable. The winds of change are blowing across our nation right now stronger than ever before. In just a few years since 9-11 we have seen sweeping change. The way we board an Airplane. The way we look at one another. The way we view national security and so many, many more.
The country I grew up in is vastly different today. My parents never worried about what I was doing on the Internet. I had a small TV in my bedroom and my parents never worried what I was watching on it. At midnight every station played the national anthem and went off the air with an annoying high pitched sound.
I listened to AM radio at night to hear my favorite college team play and then to music that was DJ'd by Wolfman Jack. My parents never worried about what I listened to on the Radio. My brother and I played outdoors mostly, we walked all over town and if we got far enough away from home a hometown citizen would offer to give us a ride home. We left our house un-locked, our cars un-locked and our bikes sitting out in our front yard. The next day they were still there.
It is so much harder to parent today. We work hard to keep up with what is going on in our children's lives. My son was doing a school assignment a couple of years ago that required Internet research. He mis-typed the mans last name and a porn site popped up. We monitor our kids on the Internet. block offensive sites and keep that computer in a public place in the home. We saw what had happened within a few minutes. He felt ashamed and was in tears as we talked with him but it was not his fault.
We are under attack on many fronts in America. Just a few days ago, Disney had to fire a young woman who had a bright future with them because she sent her boyfriend explicit pictures of herself over the Internet and it became public. In recent years what we used to be considered obscene behavior has been glamorized and encouraged by magazines, TV, Cable, the Internet. and our school systems.
It is time for change in America. We need to take our culture back! It is time to get involved as parents in our schools, we need to let our leaders hear our voices loud and clear. We must become ONE NATION UNDER GOD!